Onething 2017 Reflections

I had the honor and privilege to lead worship at IHOPKC's annual Onething conference last month (December 2017).  Going into my evening session, I felt low on energy.  Probably 20 minutes into the set list I was ready to walk off stage!  We transitioned into a time of spontaneous singing to the Lord, and I felt the Holy Spirit breathe on myself and our team.  The Lord really met us, and I found myself singing phrases from Psalm 27, where David shares his desire to dwell in the house of the Lord and behold His beauty.  I believe this passge resonated with our team, and with many in the room and those watching online!  Finished the session that night knowing the Lord had showed up in a powerful way to endorse His Word.  It's like He was putting an exclamtion point on Psalm 27:4- like He was saying "YES, THIS IS THE ONE THING".  Humbled by the Lord's kindness and mercy, and His faithfulness in the whole experience.