Official Worship Videos Launch!!

After months of planning and preparation, I'm thrilled to announce that I am officially launching my worship videos, and new Youtube channel (!!!  Every week, I will be aiming to post three new worship videos right here on my website, and one of those three on my Youtube channel.  All worship videos on my website will be free to access, but you will need to create a login and password to view the videos.  To sign up just click on the "Live Worship" tab right here on the homepage!

The GoFundMe

I'm building a mobile recording studio, in order to release weekly worship videos, record new songs, and train singers and musicians!  Costs for this (purchasing audio/video equipment, laptop, Christmas album costs, etc.) will be nearing $10,000, so I'm aiming to raise at least $5k to cover a portion of this amount.  I'd be thrilled if we reach $5000 by Christmas!  Your support of any amount would be a huge blessing.  Here's the link...


After 15 years of lifting up the name of Jesus in the prayer room at IHOPKC, and countless moments and memories of touching His heart in the place of worship and prayer, the Lord is moving me and my family into a new season.  There have been dreams and desires in my heart, related to music and worship, that He's now calling me to step into, which I'll share more about in the coming days.  We will still be in Kansas City, and though I'm excited about what's ahead, it is a bittersweet transition.  My life has been greatly blessed and impacted through serving Jesus on this missions base, and I

Coming to Chicago at the end of January

I'm really honored and excited to be a part of the first TRIBL Intensive, coming to Chicago at the end of this month!  TRIBL is a several day worship intensive that gathers a small group of people (10-20) who live in community for a week, break up into groups for songwriting, attend song-writing workshops, and have live worship nights!!  You must apply to attend, and the capacity is very limited.  Go to to find out more info!

Onething 2017 Reflections

I had the honor and privilege to lead worship at IHOPKC's annual Onething conference last month (December 2017).  Going into my evening session, I felt low on energy.  Probably 20 minutes into the set list I was ready to walk off stage!  We transitioned into a time of spontaneous singing to the Lord, and I felt the Holy Spirit breathe on myself and our team.  The Lord really met us, and I found myself singing phrases from Psalm 27, where David shares his desire to dwell in the house of the Lord and behold His beauty.  I believe this passge resonated with our team, and with many in the room


Jon has been spending much of his time writing songs for an upcoming album for 2016!  It's been challenging and rewarding at the same time.  Pre-production and initial recording for the new album is scheduled to begin this fall.  More updates to come!

Praying the Word of God

Check out our Wednesday 6am (central time) set in the prayer room!  Our justice theme on Wednesdays right now is praying for houses of prayer in Mexico, and then we're also consistently praying for Israel as well.  There's power when we take the prayers of the Bible, like Ephesians 1:17 or Colossians 1:9, and then actually say or sing them to Jesus- for nations like Mexico or for the Jewish people!  Tune in on Wednesdays at 6am and join us :)