TWLL #5: How Singing The Bible Changes Your Worship Leading

Jun 01, 2023

I was recently thinking about how singing the Bible has massively changed the way I lead worship.  SO many benefits I’ve gained as a worship leader simply because of singing the Scriptures over the years.  

Here are four specific ways I’ve been impacted- and I pray that these will give you vision to be a worship leader who sings the Word πŸ‘ŠπŸΌπŸ‘ŠπŸΌ


Number One - Singing the Bible gets God’s Word into our hearts in a unique and powerful way.

Anything that gets the Scriptures into the heart of a worship leader is going to be valuable, but specifically singing the Bible gets it into our hearts in a unique way.  

Music is special in that it has the potential to hit our emotions deep inside.  So when you take the truth of Scripture and combine it with music by singing it, it’s like the Word is being written on your heart at a level of depth that stays with you and comes back to mind even years down the road.  

When I sing the Bible, I feel like whatever passage I’m singing becomes more alive to me- and the power of its meaning hits me at a whole other level.  And when that happens, my faith in Jesus and His Word gets strengthened.


Number Two - Singing the Bible changes our spontaneous worship.

When we sing the Bible, we’re becoming more familiar with the ideas and even the language of Scripture. 

This is a big deal because anytime- literally anytime- you sing anything other than the lyrics of the worship songs in your set list, you’re probably singing something spontaneous.  And when you sing something spontaneous, you want it to have biblical grounding, so that what you sing has maximum power and impact.

Singing the Bible roots your heart and head in the Word in a way that allows you to more confidently and powerfully dive into spontaneous singing in your worship sets.

When you sing the Bible, you’re actually building a reservoir of biblical truth inside, that you can pull from anytime you want to sing something spontaneous as you lead worship.  


Number Three - Singing the Bible helps us put Scripture in our own words.  

When you sing through a passage of Scripture for any length of time, it forces you to begin to take the literal phrases of that passage and put them in your own words- even just so that you’re not repeating the same exact phrases over and over again.

And once you’re able to put a Scripture phrase in your own words it means two things- 1) you have a bit of clarity about what you’re singing, which means 2) you are able to sing that section of the passage with greater confidence.  

BOTH of these things are super helpful when you want to sing out a spontaneous phrase or two on top of a worship chorus, or when you’re leaning into a spontaneous moment and are trying to express the theme using biblical ideas.


Number Four - Singing the Bible brings you closer to the One you’re singing to.

As you sing Scripture regularly you are simply getting to know Jesus better.  This translates into a deeper level of confidence and faith as you lead worship- because you know the One you’re singing to in a deeper way.

And this increased confidence and faith is priceless.  No level of technical skill or personality charisma can replace the depth of confidence and faith you gain by knowing Jesus better through singing His Word.


Take your worship leading to the next level- sing the Bible regularly, and watch how it changes the way you lead. 

That's it for today.

See you next week.




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