TWLL #35: Rest

Dec 28, 2023

read time: 3 minutes




Christmas is over, the New Year hasn’t started— and you might be feeling a bit exhausted from the ministry busyness of the holiday season.

If that‘s you (and even if it’s not you), it might be your reminder that you need to hit pause and rest.

Here are a handful of ways that might help you move toward rest this season…


Get Outside

Yes, it’s cold and maybe not your favorite outdoor weather right now— but also remember that even a cooler change of pace might be a healthy break from the indoor sanctuaries, practice rooms, and church offices you’ve been living in.

And from a spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical health standpoint, there is something about getting out into God’s creation that is restorative, healing, and restful.

Even if you just go for a 20-minute minute walk, the sunlight, air, and exercise will move you towards a space of rest.


Get Quiet

I’ve mentioned this idea before here, but this might be a great time to start a new habit of sitting with Jesus in silence.

You can go here for more on this, but the basic idea of solitude and silence is that you’re literally just sitting before Jesus.  

You’re not reading, not journaling, not verbally praying— you’re just sitting there.

And the goal is simply to be present to Jesus.

I think this can be one of the most restful things, because when we become present to Jesus we discover He is present to us— and this communion brings about a deep peace that stays with us.


Unplug / Disconnect

Maybe I should have mentioned this at the top, but rest isn’t just about what you are doing.  It’s about what you’re not doing.

This is a great time to get away from your socials, from your phone, from the screens— because while practical and sometimes necessary, the technology is usually anything but restful!

As much as you can, aim to unplug, disconnect, or go airplane mode.  

Simply having some distance here will in of itself be restful to your mind and heart.



It’s been a busy, crazy time leading up to Christmas.  Now try to hit pause in an intentional way, and give yourself a chance to rest.  

Jesus is with us in the busy, but He’s also waiting to meet us in the place of rest.

See ya’ll next week 🙌🏼


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