TWLL #34: He Comes In The Mess

Dec 21, 2023

read time: 5 minutes




We’re familiar with the Christmas story and the birth of Jesus, but I think sometimes we forget the context of His coming.  

And in the context is a message that highlights the reality of a God Who comes in the middle of the mess.


The Broken Story

In the Old Testament we see the struggle of Israel to get into the Promise Land, and eventually a struggle to stay in it— both struggles due to their own brokenness.

After they return to the land, following the 70-year exile in Babylon, they do so not as a sovereign nation but as a people under the authority of other nations.

Not long after this comes a 400-year period of silence, where there is no record of the Lord sending any messages through the prophets.

By the end of this period, the nation of Rome controls Israel and much of the inhabited world.


Enter Jesus

And it is exactly at this point— after a centuries-long struggle marked by Israel’s weakness leading to what looks like a massive mess— that Jesus comes.

When it seems like Israel is hopeless, the God of all hope enters the picture in the form of an infant in a Bethlehem manger.


Our Story

So much more could be said— about the way that Jesus came, and of all that would follow— but I want to just stop here.

Because what we see in the story of Israel— the struggle, the brokenness, and the mess— is what we see in the story of our own lives.

We move through life, trying to reach the places God has called us to, and in the process discover that we are weaker and more broken than we thought we were.

We hit bumps in the road that send us flying into a heap of pain, confusion, and even despair.

And yet, when all the circumstances around us are saying that there is no hope— in walks Jesus.

And something about us realizing that Jesus is right there with us in the mess— even before the pieces have been picked up or any kind of healing process initiated— in that moment, it’s enough.  He’s enough.



Christmas is right around the corner now, and you may feel like a mess inside— whether it’s due to something worship ministry-related or something personal.

And you may feel like a bit of a mess this weekend as you lead worship and Christmas Eve services.

But no matter what it looks like for you— as you sing about the Christmas Story, remember that Jesus is the One Who comes right in the middle of the mess.

Grace as you lead worship this weekend.  And Merry Christmas.



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