TWLL #13: Showing Up Offstage - The Key Of Consistency

Jul 27, 2023

One of my main messages to worship leaders is that in order to go deep in worship onstage, we have to go deep with Jesus offstage.

We go deeper with Jesus through a variety of ways, like reading the Word, sitting before Jesus in silence, prayer, and meditating on passages of Scripture.

But none of these things will be nearly as effective, if we aren’t regularly showing up to dig deeper.

It’s the consistency factor- us giving ourselves to Jesus through these spiritual disciplines day in and day out-  that over time causes us to go deeper with Jesus.

Today I want to highlight 3 things to help us be consistent as we pursue Jesus.

#1 - A Plan

The idea might seem a bit rigid, but I’ve seen in my own walk with Jesus that having a simple game plan has helped me be more consistent in my own life in God.

Having a game plan doesn’t replace being led by your passion and desire to pursue Jesus.  In fact having a plan in place can actually foster the hunger for Jesus that you’re wanting.

The plan can be more elaborate and detailed, or as plain and simple as you like, but the idea is that you have some kind of structure in place.  A structure that helps keep you moving forward, and a structure that you can fall back on when your passion and desire feels weak.

Here’s a sample of what a simple game plan could look like…you spend a few minutes in silence before Jesus, followed by time reading a Scripture passage, followed by a time of prayer.


#2 - A Schedule

With technology these days, the pace/speed of life moves so fast, and we can get so easily distracted, that it becomes truly helpful to put your devotional time with Jesus into your daily and weekly schedule.

Just like you have a work schedule, a school schedule, or a family schedule, you need a time with Jesus schedule: regular time in your days that is set aside just to connect with Jesus.

Stare at your week, and then the days in the week, and literally write in time each day that’s designated for devotional time with Jesus.


#3 - Priority 

At times this will be a challenge, but it’s huge if you want to be consistent in your time with Jesus offstage.

It’s the idea of priority.  In other words, when there is something else competing for that time in your schedule that you’ve designated as time with Jesus- you say no to that other thing.

This is easier to say than to do.  Because there will ALWAYS be other things that you could be doing- even good things.

And this is where you have to learn to say no, and truly prioritize that time with Jesus.  

It doesn’t mean that you can’t move your schedule around at times- but it means that you’re still putting your time with Jesus first.


There’s a part of me that feels a little uncomfortable as I write about today’s topic.  

Because I know that sometimes we all can get more focused on the structure, instead of what the structure is there to facilitate- which is growth and connection with Jesus.

So keep this in mind, as you create your own structure.  Be aware of how you interact with the structure you create- and let it be there to help foster a deeper connection with Jesus.

And may you find yourself growing closer to Him as you embrace consistency in your walk with Jesus.

That’s it for today.

See y’all next week 🙌🏼





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