TWLL #1: Break Away From Distraction When You Lead Worship

May 03, 2023

So many times when I’m leading worship, I get distracted.  Maybe it’s the toddler running up and down an aisle, maybe it’s the note on my keyboard that’s starting to stick, or maybe I’m just zoning out from the fatigue of not getting enough sleep the night before.  But whatever the reason, there I am- and sometimes it even takes me a minute to figure out that I’m off in lala land.  But when it happens, I know what I need to do.

As I continue to lead worship in that moment, I close my eyes and do 2 things.  I picture and I remember.  I specifically picture God’s throne room in Heaven, the place He made for Himself and the place where He lives.  I picture the storm surrounding His throne described in Revelation 4, I picture the living creatures crying “holy”, I picture the rainbow surrounding His throne.  And I picture Him.  The Father, seated on the throne.  And I picture Jesus, seated at the Father’s right hand.

Picturing all of this causes me to remember.  To remember Who I’m singing to when I lead worship, and to remember what is happening as I lead worship.  When I picture the Lord, I remember that whatever song I’m singing is a song that I’m singing for Him and to Him.  Yes, I’m leading a worship team and a room of people, but I’m first and foremost singing to Jesus.

Also when I picture that throne room scene, I remember that worship is literally surrounding His throne.  It’s always happening, it never stops.  And this reminds me that I’m not just in a building full of people having a time of worship- but that I myself, my team, and my room are actually coming into agreement with an already-existing worship gathering.  We’re coming into agreement with Heaven.

And suddenly, after picturing that throne room scene- after remembering Who I’m singing to and how my simple worship songs are joining a greater heavenly song- I’m no longer distracted or zoned out.  I’m back at His feet, and I’m in awe- which is exactly where I want to be when I lead worship.

The next time you find yourself distracted in the middle of your worship set- picture and remember.  Close your eyes, picture Him, remember the worship around His throne, and join in.



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