TWLL #37: The Power Of Your Ask For His Help

Jan 11, 2024

read time: under 5 minutes



As worship leaders sometimes we find ourselves in multiple hard situations at the same time.

Relational challenges with worship team members, budget limitations, persistent sound issues, personal or family challenges, emotional fatigue, vocal health— it can all start to stack up, and suddenly you find yourself overwhelmed.

What do you when this happens?  When it feels like it’s all too much and you don’t know how to handle it— how do you find your way forward?

In my own frail humanity, I lean one of two ways, or sometimes both.  

I either shut down/disconnect a bit emotionally and try to power through— or I distract myself with something unproductive, like mildly obsessively checking my email or social feeds.

But there’s another, more healthy way to handle it all, that can actually bring us up close to Jesus— which is Who we really need when multiple hard things collide at the same time.



As simple as it sounds, it can actually be really helpful to pause, acknowledge, and even give language to how you’re feeling.

Just an internal “I’m not doing well.  I feel _______ (stressed, angry, alone, exhausted).”  Or maybe literally writing out a sentence or two that describes where you’re at.

The power of doing this is that it helps connect your head and heart, putting you in a less fragmented emotional space.  

It also puts you in a more transparent, and vulnerable space— which is exactly where we want to be for Jesus to meet us.



Once you’ve identified and acknowledged where you’re at, what if you offered up a simple “help” to Jesus?  

Because sometimes— especially in the height of multiple hard situations— we don’t even know what to pray or what to ask Him for.

And that’s when a simple “Jesus, help” can be so incredibly powerful.

Because He already knows how you’re doing, and He can take that simple “help” you offer and respond with what you need in that moment.

And as things settle down a bit and you yourself are more settled, maybe you’ll have more language for what you need and what to ask Him for.

But in that moment of chaos, when things feel out of control and you’re under the weight of it all— you just need to know that you’re not alone and can say “Jesus help”— and know that He hears your cry and will respond.



The next time you find yourself in that perfect storm, with multiple challenges coming at you all at once— remember that you don’t have to just try to power through or zone out with distractions.  

You can hit pause, you can acknowledge how you’re really doing— and you can cry out to Jesus with a simple “help”.


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