TWLL #36: How His Love Protects Your Motive For Leading Worship

Jan 04, 2024

read time: 3 minutes




As worship leaders, sometimes we need to pause and ask ourselves why we’re leading leading worship.  What is driving us to keep showing up week after week?

And if— through the process of being vulnerable, honest, and transparent with ourselves— we discover that our motives for leading worship are mixed (meaning we have both good and not-so-good motives), what then?

I know for myself when I honestly look deep inside, and begin to see the insecurities and potentially muddy reasons for why I lead worship, my initial response can be a response of shame.

Like I’m embarrassed by my immaturity and self-centeredness— embarrassed by the fact that I sometimes may use worship leading as a broken way to try to fill a deep longing for acceptance and approval.

But the good news is that He has a different response than mine.  He sees my growing self-awareness of my brokenness not as a shameful dead-end, but as an invitation to come back to one of the most fundamental and true things in this life.

Which is the fact that He deeply loves me.  Unrelated to my gifting as a worship leader, my accomplishments, my appearance, or anything else— He loves me.

And it is when I begin to re-center and re-ground my heart in the place of His love for me, that I become settled and truly content.

And out of this place of contentment, of being secure in His love, I’m able to lead worship without looking outside for affirmation.

I can actually lead worship with the right motives, and know that those motives are protected by power of His love for me.



As we step into a New Year, take the time you need to re-center your own heart.  To re-ground yourself in His love for you.  

And in the process, let your motives for leading worship be purified and protected by that Ancient Love.



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